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The Ultimate Guide to Fine Dining Restaurants in Noida

The Ultimate Guide to Fine Dining Restaurants in Noida

Do you wish to experience a symphony of delightful food? The Ministry of Daru opens the door to the fine dining experience. The Ministry of Daru is the top restaurant in Noida, known for its excellent services. 


We would love to spoil you with finger-licking cuisine. Come and join us with your friends, family and colleagues to party at the best restaurant in Noida. Enjoy our delicious food, goofy ambience and finest services.


The Ministry of Daru will be your favourite hangout spot with friends and family. Our dedicated staff aims to serve you the best experience with delightful food and smooth services. 


Be it your small party or a big celebration, The Ministry of Daru is your perfect choice to enjoy your day. Moreover, the background music sinks with the party so smoothly that it makes you groove and enjoy your party. 


Enjoy our chef’s special Puchka Shots that burst flavours of sweetness and tanginess, the Crunchy Antonese Mushroom makes you drool, and our favourite  Kullad Keema Kalaji Mutton Lamb Chops deliver the taste and excellence perfectly. 


A refreshing drink is all you need by the end of the day. Enjoy your perfect getaway while boozing the sips of our special mocktails Tropical Funk, Berry Kombuca Lemonade, Sunset Breeze and more. 


Invite your friends, family and colleagues to party at the best restaurant in Noida. The Restaurant in Noida serves you the finest cuisines across the continents. Whether you love Indian cuisine or continental cuisine, The Ministry of Daru is known to serve finger-licking cuisine. 


Relax yourself with the best drinks like Newtown Funk, Berry Thyme Smash, Chivas Regal and more is your perfect choice. Reload your day, and have fun with live music and tasty food. The Ministry of Daru is all set to host you. 


Host Birthday parties, anniversaries or corporate meetings; The Ministry of Daru smoothly and conveniently caters to all your needs and offers you the best services. Party like never before; enjoy your party and refresh your mood. We are waiting for you. 


Have fun and enjoy the experience!

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