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H1A/ 25, Sector 63 Rd, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Call : 91-9667623005

Live Music Night: Ministry of Daru

Live Music Night: Ministry of Daru

Located in Noida Sector 63, Ministry of Daru is one of the well-known & best restaurants for live music night. Either you are planning to celebrate your birthday or want to hang out with your friends MOD – Ministry of Daru is the perfect choice. Get ready for an unforgettable evening filled with the captivating performances, great vibes and a fantastic atmosphere.

We at Ministry of Daru believe in a complete package system for our customers. Ministry of Daru is a perfect blend of romantic dates, family get-togethers and appetizing meals.

What We Offer? 

The Ministry of Daru gives you a wide range of cuisine to dive into and enjoy. To be at The MOD feels like a getaway from the busy world.

  1. Tempting Beverages: We at MOD offers a wide and creative beverages menu which caters to all tastes. From classic drinks to its unique inventions, one can find everything as per their tastes.
  2. Food Menu: MOD’s food section completely fit its beverages menu. Either you are looking for appetizers, main dishes or desserts, Ministry of Daru serves everything as per your tastes and mood.
  3. Signature Drinks: As the name implies, Ministry of Daru is more than simply a cuisine establishment; it is also a sanctuary for drink lovers. MOD’s bar offers a diverse selection of spirits, wines, and cocktails. The mixologists here are experts at creating one-of-a-kind and refreshing beverages that go wonderfully with your meal.
  4. Entertainment: The Ministry of Daru offers a multiple entertainment options, including live music, DJ nights, and monthly performances by worldwide fire artists. Live performances boast the excitement and joy of your night out, making it a popular nightlife venue in Noida.
  5. Exquisite ambience: The ambiance offers the right balance of comfort and elegance, making it suitable for both casual and formal events. The lighting, décor, and seating configurations are carefully designed to improve your dining experience.
  6. Live Entertainment: We at MOD, one of the best restaurants & bar in Noida regularly sponsors live music and entertainment events, which adds another level of excitement to your eating experience. Whether it’s a live band, DJ night, or stand-up comedy, MOD always has something going on to keep the atmosphere alive and interesting.
  7. Exceptional service: MOD prioritizes client happiness. The team at Ministry of Daru is trained to give timely and friendly service, making each client feel honoured.



Ministry of Daru (MOD) is one of the best restaurant and bar in Noida Sector 63 if you want to have a lively and fun time. MOD ensures that all of its customers are happy by offering a wide range of delicious drinks, gourmet foods, and unique drinks. As this restaurant and bar is dedicated to entertainment, it offers live music, DJ nights, and one-of-a-kind acts that make it stand out from other places.

MOD’s beautiful atmosphere, which mixes ease and style, makes it perfect for any event, from a love date to a family get-together to a casual fun time with friends. The hardworking staff at MOD ensures that every visit is unique and fun thanks to their excellent service. Ministry of Daru promises an amazing evening full of captivating acts, great vibes, and a great overall experience, whether you’re enjoying a special event or just want to relax.


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